Epic Lease Handover

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The Epic Properties Ltd. Lease handover ceremony was held on Saturday 7th July 2018 at The Epic Ridge Block A rooftop in Kibichiku. The event brought together several homeowners, employees and investors seeking to invest with Epic Properties Ltd. in the Kenyan real estate market. Epic Properties prides itself in   provision of quality affordable homes while exceeding customer expectations of timely delivery of their homes.

The Event

The event started with a tongue tantalizing breakfast for the guests who were being entertained by a live band performance. The handover ceremony commenced with a speech from the Director of the Epic properties, Mr. Peter Mugo who spoke about the previous success projects which include: 3 Projects in Kabete, 1 in Mwimuto and 2 in Kibichiku as well as status updates of the current ongoing projects at Kibichiku. Granted that the 3 ongoing blocks at Kibichiku are sold out, the Director urged the guests to take up more units of the upcoming 2 projects earlier to avoid missing out on such a wonderful investment opportunity.

Lease Handover

The epitome of the event took place later on in the afternoon when the CEO Nina Badi spearheaded the handing over of the lease documents to Kabete and Mwimuto home owners whose smiles was a clear indication of their delight with The Epic Properties.

The event concluded with a toast to the successful partnerships forged between Epic Properties Ltd and all our stakeholders including Engineers, Architect, Lawyers, Suppliers, Employees and our esteemed clients without whom the Epic dream of owning an Affordable home would not have been a success.

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